GTA San Andreas Mod Apk 2.11.229Download + OBB + Data File (UPDATED VERSION)

GTA San Andreas Mod Apk

GTA San Andreas mod apk is the masterpiece launch and best-selling game of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series released in 2004 but is still famous among their fans because of its unique storyline, features, and versatile missions.

Additional information :

App NameGTA: San Andreas MOD Apk
PublisherRockstar Games
Size2.7 GB
Requires5.0 and up
Get it OnGoogle Playstore

ABOUT GTA San Andreas Mod

GTA San Andreas android mod follows their precedence in RGP and interactive third play view gaming, which brought it up to top-notch open-world action games developed by Rockstar Games, Inc. This game is based on the Fictional states of San Andreas and its three cities, including Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

GTA San Andreas mod apk

Moreover, GTA San Andreas mod apk provides unlimited everything to you. Dynamic functionality has been added to the open-world game where you can buy their favorite Cars, mansions, armors, and much more due to GTA San Andreas mod apk unlimited money.

GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Key Features

Due to its popularity, the developer has launched different versions of GTA San Andreas Apk, including GTA San Andreas apk mod with additional features such as unlimited money and a Cleo menu which can be downloaded on mobile, PC, MacBook, etc. easily.

Below are the features of this game:

Unlimited Money :

Grand theft auto san Andreas mod apk provides you with unlimited money to buy cars, mansions, clothes, services, and much more which you can not attain through the original version.

Cleo menu :

GTA SA Cleo mod apk download enables numerous features, including custom changes by just swiping the screen.

GTA San Andreas mod apk unlimited money


You can change costumes, weather conditions, time, wanted level, vehicles, unlimited money, armors, etc.

Available in DIfferent Languages :

Now GTA SA MOD apk is also available in English, French, Italian, German, and other languages.

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Another reason for the popularity of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas amongst its predecessor and opponents is its magnificent and interactive gameplay with a 4.1/5 rating and more than 100000 downloads.

You can roam around many areas and discover more places by following missions. In this game, you will be able to play the game in the form of a third person. You will be able to drive cars in the game, you will be able to drive trains etc. It would take around a month for you to find the whole map of San Andreas State.

GTA San Andreas apk mod

You can swim, dive, shoot, fly and communicate with fellow partners with realistic facial expressions. Moreover, you can buy anything of your choice to make your experience more exciting and better. Meanwhile, you can experience significant weather changes, from scorching summers to breezy days at different locations to make it feel more realistic.

Beaches are also the part of the city where you can spend quality time and work out in the gym to stimulate your stamina and maintain your fitness to perform the task without being lazy.


Based on a true story: The story started in 1992 when Carl “CJ” Johnson, who renounced all gang activities and peacefully living in liberty City got the news of his mother’s brutal homicide by Ballas counterfire, which was initially planned to kill his brother Sweet under rivalry, but his mother caught up with drive-by shooting.

Now, this incident brought him up again in the place which he had left five years ago. Threats, riots, drugs, and gang war again revived in the city of Los Santos.

CJ wanted to take revenge on his mother’s murderers, and in between, he countered with many mischievous incidents, which led him to become the state gang head and reestablish the position of his Groove Street Family.


The story started in 1992 when Carl “CJ” Johnson got the news of his mother’s brutal homicide by Ballas counterfire, which was initially planned to kill his brother Sweet under rivalry, but his mother was caught up with drive-by shooting. Now, this incident brought him up again in the place which he had left five years ago.

GTA San Andreas mod

Carl left Liberty City and returned to Los Santos, San Andreas, where three corrupt police officers caught him Frank Tenpenny, Jimmy Hernandez, and Eddie Pulaski, commonly known as C.R.A.S.H who threatened him to work for them whenever they summon him, otherwise he would be sent to jail on the murder charge of another police officer which they killed. After threatening him, they threw Carl from the driving car.

In the hustle, CJ went to his home and attended the funeral of his mother with his brother Sweet and sister Kendl, where Sweet was displeased to see him and also reminded him about how the rival gang brutally killed their elder brother Brian and how their gang Groove Street had lost their power due to Ballas and Vagos. Since CJ decided to rejoin Groove Street again to bring their power back from their rivals, Sweet and CJ met Ryder and Bigsmoke, their old companions, to revive their dominance back to their gang. After a small fight with the Ballas gang, they successfully revived their power in the territories of Los Santos City.

On the other hand, Sweet instructed Carl to meet his sister’s boyfriend Cesar to investigate, but he turned out to be a genuine person who also joined Groove Street. Things were going according to plan when Officer Tenpenny called CJ in the restaurant, where he threatened him again to work for them on their black market, but the offer was denied again.

It was a great time for the Groove street gang to ultimately raise power over Los Santos by initiating the final war with their rivals. But before reaching the war place, Carl “CJ” Johnson was called by Cesar to reach Ryder’s location. He got to know that officer Tenpenny is also involved with Ryder and Bigsmoke, and they all betrayed them just because Sweet denied the offer to consolidate with Ballas. Also, they found that green sabre car that killed her mother with a drive-by shooting.

Now things were clear that everything was planned to acquire the city power. CJ went back to Sweet to inform him about all the scenarios but found him injured; later, police arrested him and left Groove street with no leader behind them, which encouraged ballas to accelerate their drug sales in the city under Tenpenny protection.CJ got bail from jail, but he had to work with Tenpenny as his brother’s life was in danger. Many heists and illegal activities were accomplished when he met a wicked lady named Catalina, Mr. Truth, and Triads gang leader Wuzimu in San Fierro.

Dire deals were made between Wuzimu and Cj to defeat Catalina and get San Fierro Garage, where he and Cesar sold many cars to initiate their black business all over the san Fierro to abolish the Loco syndicate rule, famous for supplying the drugs in Los Santos. They drove the plan to kill the leaders of Los Sandigoes and blast their drug factory.

But unfortunately, Toreno successfully escaped from the assassination point and called Carl, who informed him about his actual rule. Toreno was an undercover agent who was on a mission to clean the city from filthy activities; he also included Carl Johnson in his mission, and in return, he would help him release Sweet from jail. On the other hand, Wuzumi started his Casino business in Las Venturas with CJ, still, due to many different casinos in power, they had to face trouble and decided to persist with their counter chips and do big robberies against them. Later on, they made enough money to buy big mansions and cars for them.

Everything was going well when he got summoned by Frank Tenpenny, who ordered him to murder officer Jimmy Hernandez because they revealed their secrets to high authorities. CJ reached the destination, but before executing the plan, Tenpenny killed Hernandez. Pulaski dragged CJ and forced him to dig his own grave; anyhow, CJ escaped from the place by injuring both corrupt officers.

As promised by Officer Toreno, Sweet got released but showed his dejection despite knowing how much effort he made to release him. He was more concerned about Groove’s reestablishment in the state of San Andreas. But later on, groove street got its status back after going through many hurdles.


One of the main elements distinguishing the GTA san Andreas apk mod from its competitors is its high-resolution graphics, making you feel part of the game.

GTA San Andreas android mod

Graphics play a significant role in making the game more realistic. Therefore, all the exteriors you can witness are designed with vibrant colors to make it the most realistic open-world action-adventure game of all time.


Sound systems and catchy sensations are provided with every scene, whether gunshots, talking, walking, driving, explosions, or even breathing; all sound effects add up to bring a good combination with whatever you are doing. Besides that, you can turn on the radio or music playlist and enjoy gang-style music while driving and enjoy your experience with realistic sound effects.

Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk

Before clicking on the GTA San Andreas mod download button, check the system requirements, since all system requirements are satisfied, do not forget to enable unknown resources from your mobile settings, click on the download button, let it install successfully, and enjoy playing the game with unlimited everything.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The system requirements that need to check before pressing the download button:

  • Compatible with Android 7.0 and onwards versions.
  • Almost 2GB free disk space.
  • No root and license is required.
  • No root and license is required.

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To skip a mission in San Andreas, the player has to leave CJ’s neighborhood. It may take time because CJ lives far away, but they will do it if the players are persistent enough. Leaving his neighborhood will make available triggers for other missions, allowing them to ignore their current objective completely.

Some helpful tips are equipping yourself with an Uzi (so you can shoot at unsuspecting drivers) or driving very quickly through areas where criminals lurk – this should clear out any undesirables who may attack you on your way to other neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, it is NOT compatible with Windows 10, and it does not run this game published in 2004, so anything released after that will be incompatible.

It’s hard to tell how many missions are available because you can go back and forth through the game without caring about story progression.
There are variable numbers of missions in the game, depending on the player’s path and decisions made. The player can ignore main story fragments; take shorter routes; do fewer side tasks; cheat to complete tasks; avoid violence (and skip many sub-missions); or use ferry service, bike, or car – We have over 151 missions for you to enjoy this game.

Yes, GTA San Andreas is renowned for its extensive collection of cheat codes.
These codes can be entered during gameplay to unlock various benefits and abilities.
From infinite health and ammunition to spawning vehicles and weapons, cheat codes add a layer of chaos and fun. They allow players to explore the game’s world in unique and creative ways.


Grand Theft Auto always brings up something unique and iconic in action games while engaging the storyline. One can spend hours playing this game without any boredom. It’s a game that you can download on your device for free. The game has excellent gameplay and features which make the interest of the gamer rise.

There are many different types of missions in this game that you can try to play, including racing or fighting enemies while also improving your stats simultaneously. If you want more, get GTA San Andreas mod apk unlimited money because, with this mod, all your resources will be unlimited to customize your experience in any way you want. Since new games are released every day for download on various sites online, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time or hassle.

However, the fun fact is this game is still the number one selling PlayStation 2 game, and you can also download it on android, iOS devices, etc., and enjoyed by gamers all over the world. So tell us which type of apk would you like in the future on Shadow Rich? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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