GTA CHINATOWN WARS MOD APK v1.04 (Unlimited Money)


Do you want to enjoy GTA Chinatown Wars? If so, this is the right place for you. GTA Chinatown Wars mod apk is a modification of GTA: Chinatown Wars, released on mobile devices and provides unlimited money and ammo.

Furthermore, Grand theft auto: Chinatown wars is an open-world action game developed by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. However, it was released in 2009 but later ported to iOS in 2010 before coming out on Android and Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones.


GTA Chinatown mod apk is not similar to that of the other titles in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series as this game uses a top-down view instead of their precedence who uses the third view.

When you start a new game of GTA Chinatown Wars, you choose one of two characters: Huang or Ling. Hence it is a free-roaming game where you can complete matters such as fighting, weapons, and transporting while completing missions or working on side missions to improve the character strength, arsenal of weapons, and vehicles in a game.



Since, GTA: Chinatown Wars mod is a new, popular game in the GTA series, the reason I love this app so much? Well, let me tell you about its features!


You will get hooked up every single moment while playing because there’s never been anything like them before – trust me when we say that these additions will keep you entertained no matter how long gameplay lasts.

Free shopping

The main feature of GTA ChinaTown War mod apk is free shopping where gamers can buy anything like weapons, vehicles, etc. in games without paying any money or amount to anyone el. Almost all other GTA games do not offer free shopping. Since it is an exciting feature offered by this app that other GTA games do not provide. –

Unlimited Money

The second most attractive feature of this game is that gamers can earn unlimited money. You will never run out of cash or funds in the game because no one wants to play a game with limited funds and cannot buy anything from anywhere at any time, even online through Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Unlimited Ammo

It also offers another feature called GTA ChinaTown War unlimited ammo, where gamers can easily purchase their favorite weapon without thinking about an ammo shortage which will help gamers continue playing this game for hours without any stop.


Moreover, it focuses on the Triad crime syndicate which takes place in Liberty City and follows the life of protagonist Huang Lee. In the beginning, the player chases after Mister Wen who has betrayed their syndicate and killed Huang’s father

After being baptized by his father’s ashes, returning from a funeral in China, Huang is entrusted with delivering an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny who is part of the criminal organization.

The player chases after Mister Wen who has betrayed their syndicate and killed Huang’s father, including members of his own family.


The graphical detail of Rockstar’s games is always an evident improvement from its predecessors. No doubt this game has evolved but its graphics have always been on point with its competitors. It had a great story with plenty of dark humor, and it excelled in everything else.


Since GTA Chinatown Wars apk was not built using a modified version of the engine used in GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Despite this, it still manages to be one of their most engrossing titles for Nintendo DS which includes fully functional flying cars as well motorcycles for you that can be driven during races or side missions with friends online.


Besides different unique features, GTA Chinatown Wars mod apk also offers you sound close to the original game. You can experience sound modification for the Android version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Also, they have replaced the default radio stations with music from various PC and console games, including Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3, and Bully: Scholarship Edition. Furthermore, it is compatible with Android devices that replace radio stations with music from the original games.


Fortunately, you can access the missions through a cell phone menu that includes contacts for emergency services (the ambulance, police, firefighters), businesses (PRO-LIFE, 24/7), property salesmen, and missions.


Hence you can find missions by visiting the “Mission Arrow” which will point them to a location where a potential mission awaits or automatically adds one to the phone as they explore.

Some missions offer payment in the form of cash, while others can improve their reputation among different gangs and factions throughout Liberty City. Also, you can do various jobs, such as carjackings, assassinations, extortion, and kidnappings.

The game’s open environment allows you to explore Liberty City, consisting of two main islands (Portland and Staunton Island), both of which are roughly one-third the size of the entire map in GTA III; however, despite the size of the city, vehicles not essential to the gameplay (such as bicycles) are only accessible in multiplayer mode.


Additionally, there is a range of vehicles that you can drive including cars, boats, and helicopters. Other features that you can utilize from previous titles include the use of a camera phone, a daily newspaper updating the player on current events in Liberty City, and a food selection on the start menu. A new feature in GTA Chinatown Wars apk is the use of “strike” missions, which focus on direct action rather than subtlety and stealth-like regular missions.

GTA Chinatown Wars Mods Free Download

A most attractive thing of GTA ChinaTown War mods is a free download in which gamers can easily download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod apk for android, windows, or iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, etc., at no cost.

Surprisingly, you do not need to pay for money or credit card details while downloading this apk, so all you need is a little patience to wait until the installation process gets complete because it would take some time but is worth waiting.
So download it today from here and enjoy the GTA game at its best.


GTA Chinatown Wars is available as a Nintendo DS game, so You can play it on any version of the Nintendo DS or 3DS.

On the Google PlayStore and Apple store, it is paid but You can download this app from our website without paying a single penny!


This app comes with many more features that will entertain GTA fans for hours and keep them hooked every moment. GTA CHINATOWN WARS MOD APK is a complete package of entertainment that GTA gamers can ever dream about.

Since GTA Chinatown Wars is so popular among GTA game lovers, you would agree that it is the most underrated game in history because of its platform, which is Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, it got 3/5 stars in the Gamespot review while it deserves 5/5 stars or even more.

Furthermore, The game has a lot of variety, great graphics, sound effects, breathtaking missions and it is not boring at all since there are so many different things to do. So you have to play this game if you love or even like the GTA series and using mod is the only way to complete these missions within the time limit.

And last but not least, here are the download links of the mod apk for android users. And if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave your comment below this article. Thank you for reading!

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